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Career Technical Education (CTE)

Today's schools must prepare students to take on jobs that do not yet exist, while using technologies that have yet to be invented, in order to solve 21st century problems that have not yet emerged.

Original air date: November 1, 2018

A District-Wide Model for Connecting K-12 Students to the World of Work

In the Fall of 2016 the Cajon Valley Governing Board voted to develop a career development framework for every child in every grade across their 27 schools. This decision drove LCAP planning and alignment of budget and resources to implement a vision of developing happy kids, in healthy relationships, on a path to gainful employment. Over the course of the next six months a team of K-12 educators, business professionals, higher education professors and researchers worked to design the World of Work initiative.

Bridging the Educational Gap Between Schools and Employers!

One of the most difficult aspects of cultivating a high-functioning CORE/CTE program is bridging the gap in exposure to industry professionals in classrooms. Nepris is an online platform that virtually connects students in the classroom with career professionals and guest speakers from around the country, allowing your students to explore a variety of careers everyday without ever leaving their seat!

Ikigai for All, Helping all students find their purpose, because all students are career bound.

We all want students to end up in fulfilling careers that pay a living wage, and there are a number of things we can do to prepare them for this throughout their educational journey. In this session, we will discuss strategies to help students find what they like, what they are good at, what the world needs and what they can get paid for. These approaches can be applied at the classroom, district or regional level, as we work together to help all students discover and pursue their Ikigai, or Purpose.

PLTW Advising Live!

Observe the live advising of a simulated student. Counselors and other interested individuals will find answers to the most frequent student questions and where to find PLTW resources for student advising. As an added bonus, participates will discover Answers to Parent Questions about PLTW‚ that includes discussions of honors credit, college credit, student recruitment and preferential admissions.

Codesters: The Perfect Bridge from block coding to line coding

Learn about taking students from block coding to line coding while learning Python. Codesters is easy to use, engaging for students, and customization for any classroom. Codesters empowers teachers to bring coding into their classrooms, providing scaffold lesson plans and additional support materials.

Learning Critical Life Skills through Technology

EVERFI empowers teachers to bring critical skills education into their classrooms. With digital lessons focused on topics like financial literacy, entrepreneurship, STEM exploration, social-emotional learning, and health & wellness, EVERFI helps schools and educators prepare their students to be successful in the real world. Thanks to hundreds of partners who share this mission, EVERFI provides these resources to K-12 schools and students free of charge.

Energize Schools

he Energize Schools Program, a program of environmental nonprofit SEI, provides holistic services to engage, inspire, and empower K-12 students to become environmental leaders in their communities, green their facilities, and conserve resources through hands-on learning. We provide teachers with no-cost curriculum, teacher training, and direct instructional support to build student awareness and skills for energy and sustainability careers.

Career Exploration with Journeys Map

Looking to implement career exploration activities? You come to the right place!

Journeys Map is an interactive learning map designed to engage users in exploring life's possibilities and providing personalized directions while navigating life's major educational and professional transitions. With Journeys, exploring pathways in K-12, college, career, military and professional certification has never been easier. Journeys is the perfect tool to engage your students based on their interests and help them explore, plan and succeed.

Join us as we share Journeys so you can see why it was recognized by the Michelle Obama Reach Higher Challenge as a platform that will help prepare all students for the world of work. 

Transforming a High School with Wall to Wall Pathways

Oceanside High has gone wall to wall, ensuring every student has a pathway experience. Join us for an overview of the Pirate Pathways and a look at the design process they are using in this transformational journey.

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