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Educational Technology

With each technological advancement, we have even more opportunities to integrate new ways of learning for students.

Original air date: November 1, 2018

Istation +Technology + Teaching= Individualized Learning

Istation +Technology + Teaching= Individualized Learning

Providing schools with digital lessons and face-to-face teaching strategies for reading, math, and Spanish, Istation‚ robust online curriculum and flexible teacher tools support diverse instructional approaches, including small- and whole-group instruction for pre-K through 8th grade.

Piper Computer Kit

There is no better way for students to discover technology then by building it!
The Piper Computer Kit is a highly engaging and student-centered tool to introduce students to computer science (CS). Learn how to create an engaging Piper CS program for grades 3 - 8 from Co-founder Joel Sadler, former LAUSD Director of Science Todd Ullah as well as Education leads Chris Bouman and Melissa Belardi.

Closing the Achievement Gap: Technology for Educational Equity

With robust distance-learning technology, coupled with certified educators, students needing instruction out of the classroom for weeks or months can stay current in their studies and when ready, return to the classroom as successful learners. In this webinar, educators and school leaders working with iTutor will discuss how State-certified teachers are connecting with these students in real time 2-way video with interactive whiteboard capacities that keep students current on classroom work during extended absences, while also addressing instructional gaps and accelerating their personalized learning. Discover how this solution can save the district time and money, and at the same time end the pain points that can short-change your students.

Spatial Vis Classroom App for STEM Education

Spatial Visualization is the mental representation and manipulation of 2D and 3D shapes. Freehand sketching skills are important for spatial visualization, creativity, and teamwork. Learning these skills can increase GPA and retention in STEM fields.

The Spatial Vis Classroom app teaches students how to sketch in 2D & 3D. Students complete assignments by sketching on a touchscreen and they receive immediate and personalized feedback about their performance.

This presentation will discuss the importance of Spatial Visualization training, demonstrate the Spatial Vis Classroom app, and introduce mechanisms to incorporate it into the classroom. 

How Big Data and Mobile Devices Are Personalizing Reading Instruction

Powerful data tools and mobile devices are fostering highly individualized practices for reading instruction for early elementary students. Data based profiles specific to each child's needs, coupled with devices that support flexible learning environments in the classroom allow teachers to truly personalize reading instruction. The combination of independent online work and data-driven direct instruction is leading to multiple years of growth in a single academic year for at-risk students. This session will focus on exactly how that data is collected, analyzed and shared, and how classrooms are integrating technology use into their center rotation models and engaging students in ways that promote their learner agency and drive to succeed.

Urban Growth MicroFarm (Hydroponics)

Urban Growths MicroFarm is a small hydroponic farm product designed for the classroom to teach K-6 students how to sustainably grow their own produce in one the most water efficient ways possible, using hydroponics. Each student is the full bearer of responsibility of their own MicroFarm all the way from seed to plate.

Crafting Bright Futures in College and Career with Digital Portfolios

It is never too early for K-12 students to be thinking about their college and career opportunities. In fact, it's better to start dreaming of the future and building a body of work toward that future sooner rather than later. Digital portfolios come alongside each unique student to help them curate, create, share and showcase not only the best of their work, but the process they engaged to get there. This, in turn, engenders student-centric learning and fosters student ownership. With a digital portfolio, every student will walk out of high school career and/or college ready.

Digital Badges: Pathways to Equity

Providing equitable access to post-secondary opportunities for all students has been at the forefront of recent educational initiatives. Students are asked to document their learning, too often, by course grades, GPA, or transcripts alone in an effort to access those opportunities. We believe strongly that performance assessments are useful tools to broaden access to college acceptance, placement, and engagement. Our work leverages technology and performance-based assessments within a competency-based framework to broaden access to college credit for high school students.

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