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Emerging Tech

Learn more about new technology fields and innovations that are moving towards stronger inter-connection and interoperability goals.

Orginal air date: November 1, 2018

The classroom reimagined

The classroom of the future is closer than ever and it‚ better than we imagined. San Diego based HoverCam will share details of its new class of computer devices designed exclusively for the classroom. The new Pilot X incorporates the most commonly used technologies in the classroom, a powerful touchscreen tablet computer with wireless-to-display functionality, document camera and high-mobility battery operated podium. 

2 minutes to Accurate Reading Assessment

Assess reading ability in 2 minutes. Lexplore is an evidence-based, rapid reading assessment using eye-tracking technology and artificial intelligence to determine reading levels and instructional needs. Our purpose is to provide objective analysis of reading skills through a quick, thorough assessment experience. This makes lesson planning easier, allows educators to quickly identify students needing intervention, provides opportunities to adjust interventions and monitor students‚Äô progress. Teachers save time while students think it‚ fun and easy! We'll walk you through an interactive DEMO, explain next steps strategies and have time for Q+A.

Curriculum in the Makerspace with Interactivity & Coding

A makerspace can be more than a craft area by providing a place for student to create curriculum-based posterboard, diorama and model projects, and then enhancing the learning with interactive digital media and coding in the context of those projects. This presentation will demonstrate how to use the BBC micro:bit, and an adapter called the MakerBit, to link any Internet-based digital media to physical projects. The MakerBit also creates a platform for further STEM/STEAM explorations through physical computing activities, including block programming and robotics.


Leveraging the top tools in regards to the classroom all the while using ViewSonic MyViewBoard software to enhance learning out comes. The session will use some top web tools and sites, as well as the MyViewBoard software to help enhance the learning initiatives in the classroom.

Make it easy to connect and collaborate with our broad array of future-ready products. 

Search & Rescue with Programmable Mini Drones

We are a San Diego-based STEM education tech company. We will be showing you how you can use our programmable drone, the CoDrone, to make coding engaging by solving search & rescue themed challenges. By seeing their code manifest itself in flight, students will have a much more tangible idea of the power of programming, even touching on topics of math and physics.

Virtual Reality kit for Classrooms

Staples and Lenovo will team up to present the new Lenovo Virtual Reality kit designed for Classrooms. We will discuss how the equipment can be used within K-12 classrooms as a new and engaging way for students to learn. We will conclude the presentation with Q&A.

VR - Validating and Building your Immersive Learning Space

In this seminar, participants will gain the knowledge to design their own Virtual Reality, VR, space as it would apply to their school. To accomplish this we will explore what VR is and why it is relevant to educators and students today. We will discuss concrete examples of VR in use today at K12 schools, university and in industry. We will also discuss the general pros, cons, logistics, best practices and considerations before constructing an immersive learning space or implementing immersive edtech. At the conclusion, participants will be able to integrate relevant, efficient and effective immersive educational technologies that will inspire today‚ learners, custom tailored to their school‚ unique setting.

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