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Information Technology

Our technology programs, strategies, and solutions address a spectrum of opportunities and challenges: enterprise systems, connectivity, video production, identity management, and much more.

Original air date: November 1, 2018

Principles of Web Accessibility

This session is an overview of guidelines and suggestions for creating and maintaining web site content that is accessible to all users. San Diego County Office of Education's Professional Learning and Technology Research Team will share resources, techniques and tools that address web accessibility principles. Learn what you need to know to ensure that your web site meets legal guidelines and international standards.This session is suitable for any web site content editors, web site designers, web site administrators, district CTOs, district Technology directors, or anyone interested in gaining a deep understanding of web accessibility.

Web Accessibility Compliance in the Real World

Can Twitter be compliant?
Find the balance in adding website content and remaining ADA compliant. Learn strategies to keep your district‚ content accessible and online.

Nathan Short, Director of Information Technology for Encinitas Union School District , will share insights, resources, and strategies to keep a school district web site and social media ADA compliant and keep all of the information online. Learn how to educate and empower your staff to edit web page and social media content that meets ADA requirements. 

Cybersecurity Technologies

Ali Maroufi, San Diego County County Office of Education, Cybersecurity Officer, will provide an overview of future cybersecurity technologies. During this session you will learn what‚ next in the realm of cybersecurity, such as Machine Authentication, Cloud technologies and Artificial Intelligence.

ITV Learning Lab

The Learning Lab, created by the Integrated Technology Services Division, is a unique offering that includes a one-day session for San Diego County schools.

Instead of teaching students about journalism and television production, the Learning Lab creates authentic industry experiences by having students take on the roles of producer, reporter, videographer, lighting and audio technician. They receive real-world assignments with the deadlines and parameters found in an actual broadcast environment. Learn about the behind the scenes of our iTV Learning Lab. 

Technology Law and Data Privacy Presentation

John Vaillancourt, Senior Director of San Diego County Office of Education's Integrated Technology Services Information Technology Department, will provide an overview and update of current law and data privacy issues. This session will provide highlights of the latest legal, data, and privacy trends affecting technology use in school districts. The session provides tips to help district Superintendents, Chief Technology Officers, and administrators understand complex regulations that require district compliance and best practices to mitigate threats, inform decision making and implement policy. 

KQED Learn: Collaborative Inquiry in the Connected Classroom

In this session, we will explore KQED Learn, a free interdisciplinary online resource designed for inquiry-focused classrooms where students can share discuss current issues, collaborate on research and share their projects with peers in their schools, districts and throughout the country.


Help Students Take on Roles of Scientists through Digital Internships - Presented by Amplify
Leverage the power of your devices to offer learning that puts your students into realistic workplace situations.

Give students opportunities to design, test, analyze, and arguelike real-world engineers.  

Franklin Covey, Leader in Me

Leader in Me (LiM) is an evidence-based, comprehensive school improvement model—developed in partnership with educators—that empowers students with the leadership and life-skills they need to thrive in the 21st century.

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