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Learn about leading in an era of technological change and how some tools extend the boundaries of service models in education.

Original air date: November 1, 2018

Kolibri: Supporting educators by bringing the online learning revolution offline

For half of the world‚ students, the lack of access to reliable Internet connectivity makes it difficult or impossible to benefit from two specific tools for digital learning: open educational resources and software tools to support blended and personalized learning. Learning Equality‚ response is Kolibri, an open-source educational platform that is specially designed to provide offline access to a curated and openly licensed educational content library, with tools for pedagogical support for use in low-resource and low-connectivity contexts. This presentation will showcase Learning Equality‚ approach to supporting teachers and their professional development, provide demonstrations of selected educator-specific functionality in Kolibri, and share examples from classrooms using Kolibri globally.

Work-Based Learning: Connecting Employers to your Classroom

Research has shown that students who can relate what they are learning in the classroom to a future career are more engaged in their school work and have higher graduation rates. How do I include more job-related education in my curriculum? SDCOE offers a number of FREE resources to help teachers coordinate guest speakers, site tours, internships, and other activities for their students to interact with employers and start thinking about and preparing for a future career. This workshop will provide you resources to: 1) incorporate career education into your curriculum; 2) request work-based learning activities with regional employers; and 3) prepare your students for the labor market.

Personalizing PD: A Four Step Approach to Effectively Building Capacity and Alignment

When educators authentically learn in a personalized environment, they are inspired to implement more effectively and become invested in the model. Unfortunately, overhauling current PD structures can feel overwhelming. To address this need, The Learning Accelerator has captured and codified key practices and resources for principals to use immediately.

Education Technology Strategic Assessment (ETSA)

What's the difference between LCAP strategy and Ed Tech Strategy? If you can't define it - this session will help.

The Ed Tech Strategic Assessment will take your district's LCAP objectives and turn them into actionable Ed Tech initiatives. But it also looks at how your district is project managing and maintaining its Ed Tech initiatives.

This session will also discuss disrupting the SAMR model - and how to take your district directly to the top.

Leading Success in a Changing World

Leading and inspiring the hearts and minds of our staff, learners and community is made even more complex in the ever changing digital era. Let's discuss how to co-create a vision for the learning as well as sharing free resources to rethink how we best meet the challenges.

Active learning - Connecting standards to real world projects

Learners want to see the connection for learning the content standards with the real world they experience. This session is full of ways our learners can develop empathy and apply design thinking skills to the learning opportunities. Using the structures of project learning find the right resources to connect with local and global projects.

Bringing PSAT/SAT Data to Life In the Classroom

As educators work towards preparing students to become college eligible, many underrepresented students are falling through the cracks. This presentation will share a series of data points on how training teachers via SAT/ACT professional development can positively affect SAT/ACT standardized test scores within a school district. You will interpret PSAT, SAT, and ACT score reports, learn key testing strategies you can pass along to your student body, and find ways to create actionable curricular plans around your PSAT/SAT/ACT data.

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