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Innovative Partners

Learn about innovative companies that are partnering with educational institutions to transform education.

Original air date: November 1, 2018

Empowering teachers to teach computer science via a K-12 Curriculum Pathway

This presentation will provide viewers with in depth information and consult regarding coding and computer science education. For the last 8-10 years, there has been an increase in exposure to coding and computer science thanks to organizations whose goal has been to engage students. It has become apparent in the last couple of years that exposure is not enough. I will offer support to educational leaders who seek to understand how a comprehensive, rigorous coding and computer science pathway from 2nd-12th grade can work in their district. I will also show educational leaders how empowering teachers through comprehensive coding professional development is the key to a truly sustainable and successful coding and computer science initiative.

LEGO Education

Help your students become motivated, active learners by harnessing the power of creativity. Join in for a look at how to bring creativity into the classroom with LEGO Education. This session will focus on the importance of creativity to prepare students for their future by looking at how to develop 21st century skills and apply STEM knowledge through LEGO Education learning. We will investigate ways to teach students computational thinking and design engineering concepts through unlocking their creativity.

College Readiness With the Blindfold Off

Graduation - the celebration of a BEGINNING, right? Join us as we discuss how a single first-generation college student changed the trajectory of over a hundred thousand high school students across the country through relevant assessment and data analysis. More importantly, see how your students could reap the benefits of the College Equipped Readiness Tool (CERT). College Readiness, simplified.

Mr. Elmer

Mr. Elmer is a technology company that partners with districts to clarify data chaos and embed it into every educational process. In our session, we will talk about how to get the whole picture of every student in real time...all of the time. Once we have data clarity, we will talk about making it actionable in your educational processes. There are dozens of ways to leverage the power of technology to simplify, standardize, scale and sustain your best practices. We will share examples of how districts are reaching new levels of success with MTSS, PBIS, RTI, ELL...and so much more.

Sony KOOV for STEM education, teacher externships and student resources

Sony will present its new and innovative KOOV robotics and coding kit that incorporates over 50 hours of hands on lessons using Chromebooks and other devices for the classroom. In addition, Sony will introduce the programs that support Career Pathways initiatives. Sony is passionate about providing teachers and students with a window into STEAM business environments through its Teacher Externship Program and Student Education Experience as well as through dialogue with Sony Professionals.  

Nearpod's "Ready to Run PD"

Is your professional development boring? Dry? Dying inside of PowerPoint?

Come explore the world of Ready to Run PD, waaaaay better than traditional PD. Ready to Run PD is experiential professional learning workshops YOU deliver to your staff, colleagues, school families, certificated staff or anyone using the Nearpod interactive platform.

This is group learning delivered through a digital device. Wrap your brain around that! We will present part of a Ready to Run PD from our Social Emotional Learning Series called "How Do You Really Teach Empathy?" written in partnership with Dr. Lorea Martinez. No prior experience with Nearpod required.

Kid Spark Education, Rokenbok

Kid Spark Education's mission is to help all students to develop "STEM Identity" and "Technological Fluency" from an early age. STEM Identity is to see one‚ self as capable of learning and understanding science, technology, engineering, and math. This identity is anchored in foundational STEM fluencies like spatial reasoning and problem-solving in three dimensions, and the ability to decode symbolic language. Technology Fluency is the confidence to creatively author with technology to solve real world problems and design new solutions. This session will explore how Kid Spark Education helps teachers and schools to achieve STEM Identity and Technology Fluency, through professional learning experiences for educators, ready-made curriculum, and innovative Mobile STEM Labs.

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